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    5 ft. 5 in.
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    Associates Degree
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    Yes, living elsewhere


Retired entrepreneur who is now exploring my artsy side! I am celebrating my four year diagnosis this month alone. Well not really; I have the best family, I am blessed with understanding friends, and I am spending this month in Texas with my sister. Married twice in long term marriages and divorced last yearn I find myself afraid of how anyone could want someone older and damaged like me. The last two major events in my life have taken a toll, but as always heads up fight out of whatever comes and then move on with a smile to a brighter year ahead,

I enjoy the arts, traveling, family and friends, gardening, cooking, spending quiet time reading and creating. I love the outdoors but prefer to winter south of snow and ice. I spend most of my time in the summer on a pond in Vermont and most of the cold parts of winter where warm winds blow.

What I am looking for

I really want a friend first, someone to like me for me who I really am, them I hope that friend wants to share adventures with me and maybe you could include me in an adventure of yours. But most of all I want someone in my life who is always truthful and respects me. I would love to be held, touched, and dream again.